About Lesa

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer,  Exclusive Career Coaching

The indispensable career management partner of high-achieving Millennials



Greetings! I want to tell you five quick facts about me:

1. I’m a Master Resume Writer—one of fewer than 25 in the world. (Really, really big deal.)                                                    

2. I’m a Certified Job Search Strategist and Certified Coach—I have the coaching skills and job search knowledge to guide you through every aspect of your career. 

3. I have a master’s degree in public administration, coupled with a bachelor’s degree in music education from Florida State University. 

4. I’m really smart, ask great questions, and am incredibly insightful.

5. I’m personable…my clients love my sense of humor and professionalism. 

Here's Who I Work With

High-achieving Millennial college graduates (age 22-32), for whom the sky is the limit…

…IF their marketing materials, job search strategy, and networking/interviewing skills are as strong as their job performance.

I LOVE working with these people because they are smart (like me), ambitious (like me), goal-oriented (like me), and passionate (like me).

Here's Who I Don't Work With

  • Mediocre performers with spotty work records and lots of issues they are trying to put a positive spin on.

  • People who are only willing to pay a few hundred dollars for services they expect to generate a massive ROI for them.

  • People who aren’t motivated to be an active partner in this process.

What Do I Do For My Clients?

  • I write their resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other marketing documents so they have top-notch materials they are THRILLED to send to employers

  • I coach them through the job search process so they know WHAT to do and WHY, WHEN to do it, and HOW to get stellar results

  • I coach them on how to blow a job interview OUT OF THE WATER! They leave these sessions with the strategy, skills, and confidence to excel at the job interview.