My Qualifications as a Resume Writer

Do you have the marketing documents you need to be successful in today’s job search? A professional resume writer can make the difference between being selected for an interview and being overlooked. Hiring a resume writer is an investment. Choose carefully.

What you want to look for in a resume writer:

  • Credentials (I’m one of fewer than 25 Master Resume Writers globally)
  • Experience (I've worked with college students and recent graduates for decades)
  • Knowledge (I have a depth of knowledge of the job search process and have developed courses on navigating today’s job market)
  • Intelligence (I’m really smart and ask insightful and probing questions to ensure I have the information I need to write great documents for you)
  • Relationship (I build outstanding rapport with my clients—I am your partner in this process)
  • Results (My clients love working with me! They rave about both the quality of the result and the process)