Resume Writing Process

What Does My Resume Writing Process Look Like?

There are two options:

1. You complete a customized worksheet to provide me the information I need to write your resume. Once I receive your completed worksheet, we will schedule a one-hour resume strategy session.

This is my opportunity to do a deeper dive into certain aspects of your qualifications and experience; it also allows me to get clarification on anything I don’t understand. The resume worksheet will take you a few hours to complete, but know that you will also be refreshing your memory on your accomplishments and the personal qualities that make you an outstanding candidate; this knowledge will be incredibly helpful during your job interview.

2. You don’t complete any worksheets; I take all the information I need via two, one-hour phone calls. There is an additional charge for this service, but many of my clients prefer this option.

From the time of your phone strategy session, you’ll receive the first draft of your resume and cover letter in five-seven business days. My goal is to deliver documents that are 95%+ complete, with only minor revisions necessary.

We’ll schedule a follow-up phone call (usually 30 minutes or less) to make correction to your resume and cover letter. After this call, I’ll send your revised documents to you right away.Once you’ve accepted your finalized resume and cover letter, I’ll have your LinkedIn profile to you in three-five additional business days.