056: What Employees Value Most in an Employer

What do you value in an employer?

I researched three online sites for this podcast. There are many similarities between these lists.



According to zenefit.com, the top 5 most important things employees look for are:

#1 – Company culture and mission

#2 – Approachable leadership

#3 – Opportunities for growth

#4 – Flexibility

#5 – Recognition


The Balance Careers

According to The Balance Careers, here are the top 7 things employees look for:

#1 – Competitive salary

#2 – Good benefit package

#3 – Flexible schedule

#4 – Opportunity to advance

#5 – Recognition

#6 – Effective management

#7 – Team atmosphere


High-Speed Training

The third source I used is High-Speed Training. Here are their top 6:

#1 – Fair salaries

#2 – Opportunities for personal development

#3 – Work/life balance

#4 – Recognition and a sense of purpose

#5 – Great company culture

#6 – Perks / benefits


-Sick leave

-Maternity/paternity leave


-Travel compensation

-Continuing education opportunities


What is this information telling us?

Here are my top 6 insights:


  1. Money isn’t everything.


  1. Company culture matters. A lot.


  1. People leave jobs most often because of their boss.


  1. Millennials don’t just want to know where they are going to start. They want to know where they can go.


  1. There is a wide range of perks and benefits available out there. Make sure you know the vocabulary and what’s most important to you.


  1. Recognition is important, and many companies do it poorly.


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